Welcome to thaidreamhost , rack ,rackserver,ตู้แร็ค,ตู้แรค,ตู้แร็ก,wall rack,server rack,rack
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Welcome to thaidreamhost , rack ,rackserver,ตู้แร็ค,ตู้แรค,ตู้แร็ก,wall rack,server rack,rack
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The reason why the 19-inch rack has been popular in the past to understand it. To RACK is made of Electro? Galvanized steel, which is durable 1.5 mm, which is strong and can prevent rust. Hundred percent To The RACK's rack mount is made of Electro Galvanized Steel, a 2 mm fastener that is extremely rigid. It also has the ability to prevent rust. Percentage as well. In the current version, it has more functions in the assembly. Users can customize the tooling depth of the cabinet as well. To RACK RACK The RACK base is 2 mm long and the 3 mm docking base is made of Electro-Galvanized steel. Good rust protection. To In the case of the roof rack RACK can be placed in the maximum size of about 6 fans can be changed into a channel for cable trains. To The light bulb attached to the RACK can be equipped with a large 7-watt bulb and can also be used to switch on the switch. Automatic power off when opening or closing the entrance. (This is a case where users make calls to make out in a special way only). To The entrance to the rack RACK at the center is a sheet of hard plastic tea. The thickness is around 5 mm, the weight is relatively light. There is a rubber edge that reduces the dust around the edge of the door.


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Our main products are RACK SERVER 19 "rack, all types of rack, rack server, server rack and so on. And the other special is that we have a rack to ship. Free in Bangkok and other provinces. We will ship to your choice. We have more than ten thousand bases throughout Thailand. Make it reliable It is a large RACK production and sales station in ASEAN.


Welcome to thaidreamhost , rack ,rackserver,ตู้แร็ค,ตู้แรค,ตู้แร็ก,wall rack,server rack,rack


Welcome to thaidreamhost , rack ,rackserver,ตู้แร็ค,ตู้แรค,ตู้แร็ก,wall rack,server rack,rack

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